Food & Environment

Insightful Talks about Food and Environment

How Food Shapes Our Cities
(Carolyn Steel)

This talk explores the role of urban design to our relationship with food. It takes a look into an alternative where urbanism and food can be used to improve human connections.

Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish: Teach Every Child About Food

This is a talk that takes a look into lack of information and understanding about food that contribute to weight related problems like obesity. Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver shares insights on his personal advocacy to promote food awarenesss.

The Global Food Waste Scandal (Tristram Stuart)

The campaign to end the global food waste problem is steadily gaining ground. In this talk, Stuart shares an idea on how to resolve the issue and feed more people in the process.

What’s Wrong with What We Eat (Mark Bittman)

This video takes a look into the impact of the food choices we make to our health and environment.